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Huskies for Common Sense  

Michigan Tech alumni and friends supporting free speech and critical thinking  

Dear Michigan Tech alumni and friends,

It is error only, and not truth, that shrinks from inquiry.
Thomas Paine

The words of the revolutionary writer Thomas Paine ring as true today as when they were first penned. Likewise, today, intellectuals at universities are currently under similar “attack" from myriad angles all with the intent to stifle the free thought and discussion necessary to arrive at truth.

The group Huskies for Common Sense has been formed by alumni and friends to bring common sense back to intellectual pursuits on Michigan Tech’s campus. We plan to accomplish this by discussing, debating, and removing, where applicable, the stifling effects of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) movement which if, analyzed critically, is abandoning freethinking education for an ideological indoctrination. The aim of Huskies for Common Sense is to remove the façade of DEI and encourage students, faculty, and staff to engage in deep, open, and honest intellectual debate that probes the depths of all honest inquiries.

Please visit Huskies for Common Sense’s website https://mtualumniforcommonsense.org/  

and join our LinkedIn group. For more information on why we need more common sense on Michigan Tech’s campus, please see the bulleted list that follows this letter or visit Huskies for America. Huskies for Common Sense can be found as a member of Alumni Free Speech Alliance at the following website Find an Existing Alumni Group - Alumni Free Speech Alliance. We look forward to connecting with you as we create the path to return common sense to Michigan Technological University.  


For more information, including how to donate to Huskies for Common Sense, please contact Lynn Artman at 906-370-5221 or [email protected].  


Founding Members
Common Sense at Michigan Tech

Lynn Artman
Alan Crowther
John Childs
Jarek Drelich
Edwin Eiswerth
Chris Heikkinen
Erik Kiilunen
Daniel Malburg
Stan Vitton